Building Positive Reading Habits in Your School

Key information

  • Imperative for all children
  • Classroom or library based
  • Bespoke workshops available
  • Brilliant for all those reluctant readers

Main objectives

  • Improve language & literacy skills
  • Enhance enjoyment of reading
  • Motivate young people to read
  • Engage students in active participation


The importance of reading can never be undermined; it is the most fundamental skill to develop for overall success. Beyond the obvious academic benefits (improved speed, efficiency, vocabulary, language & literacy), reading can open up your mind to entirely new worlds and concepts; ideas that young people may never have been confronted with otherwise. It aids holistic growth and develops personalities.

At REWA, we keep abreast of the latest books in the children market by not only reading them, but also evaluating them for their potential of enhancing the quality of a child’s academic and personal stages. We are well aware of what books would be interesting to young people of different ages, genders and personalities. We do not force books upon readers but recommend and suggest things after getting to know the student. We let them choose based on other people’s reviews, previous reading habits and future reading goals.

We can work with teachers and librarians as well to start initiatives in your school that will build positive reading habits. In addition to that, we can run what is known as a ‘literature circle’ demonstration in a class and train your English teachers to do the same thing as a sustainable teaching and learning tool.

Do call us to find out what we can offer you and your students to specifically suit your needs.


  • Literature circles
  • Categorising & displaying books in your library
  • Guiding young people to choose books appropriate to their age & interest
  • Starting a book club
  • Reviewing books – in various ways
  • Implementing different reading initiatives in your school

**Only a few mentioned**

What do you get?

  • Certificate upon completion of the course
  • A professional English teacher with a love for reading and very up-to-date on children’s books
  • All teaching resources required for lessons
  • Up to 4 hours of workshop time
  • Continuous online support and learning through our student portal


  • Class Numbers: 5-25 participants
  • Minimum age: 11
  • Classroom with access to a projector & power sockets for laptop

Workshop notes

Please note: workshops will involve writing, reading a variety of texts and group work.
If you feel that there may be certain tasks your children may struggle with please lets us know and we will be happy to accommodate. 
REWA practitioners will always assess the level and ability of the class before the session begins. If you have any specific requirements or needs please discuss it with us when booking.


PRICE P400/$60 per hour.